Daily Mail Fashion editor and Mail on Sunday diarist Liz Jones has attracted some carping, critical attention from women reviewers for her new memoir, Girl Least Likely To: 30 Years of Fashion, Fasting and Fleet Street.

"The self-pity is monotonous", writes Suzanne Moore in The Guardian. The book is written by a woman who gets "endless disappointments with men, a quest for perfection, the boring details of the hyper-grooming, the classic ambivalence towards femininity itself... she saves her empathy for animals; the more diseased they are, the more she feels for them. Yet we are to feel sorry for her?"

Girl Least Likely To: 30 Years of Fashion, Fasting and Fleet Street has just been published by Simon & Schuster.

One-time editor of Marie Claire, Liz Jones is these days the fashion Editor of the Daily Mail, and a columnist for the Mail on Sunday, where she writes confessional diary pieces.

Jones claims to receive 6,000 and 10,000 letters a week from her three million readers. For three years, she claimed in her Mail on Sunday diary that she has been dating an unnamed rock star. She was previously married.

"My husband used to say, when I'm ready to be seen it's like the eclipse of the sun, she recently told The Guardian, "because it's only every eight years, when everything all comes together: you're just waxed but not all speckled, you've just had your hair dyed, you've had your teeth cleaned – so really you're only ready to be seen once in a blue moon. I was sort of like Derren Brown really, performing this magic act, pretending I was all this, perfect, so I never let him see the real me."