Emmerdale star Wil Johnson has promised that there are "juicy" twists in store for his character Dominic Andrews.

Speaking to PA, Dominic explained that there may be some relationship drama with Alicia Metcalfe (Natalie Anderson) coming his way.

He said: "There's a key storyline coming up, which we start filming at the end of August. It's all to do with the love triangle between Dom, Alicia, David and Priya.

"There'll be lots of juicy stuff to get our teeth into, so at the moment, he's just floating around the village, being 'Mr Leather' on his bike and part-time mechanic."

He continued: "I know the overall storyline and the conclusion. You can expect some dynamics, tension and drama - and perhaps the odd bit of bed-hopping."

He further explained that Wil knows deep down that Alicia still has feelings for David (Matthew Wolfenden), adding: "I think Dom, as much as he likes Alicia - and he does, as she's the first woman he's fallen for since his wife - he is also aware that there is residue in terms of David.

"The reason why their relationship has been very up and down is because of their personalities, and because he's aware that something else is at play."