He sings slushy pop ballads but former judge on The Voice of Ireland Brian Kennedy reckons he's got what it takes to play a role on RTÉ crime drama Love/Hate.

The Belfast-born crooner had a small part in Gabriel Byrne movie This is The Sea and now he says he's ready to rough it with Nidge and co.

"I'd love to play something that you'd never expect me to do, like a gun-toting bad boy on Love/Hate," Kennedy told the Irish Daily Star. "Don't forget, I'm from the Falls Road - I know about that stuff."

46-year-old Kennedy, who is due to appear with Jean Butler and Eleanor McEvoy at Riverdance on Screen in Dublin on July 20th, finished 10th in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and he's previously had a long association with Van Morrison.

Speaking of his music career, he joked, "I don't know how I've come across as a sensitive songwriter - my friends call me an insensitive songwriter." 

The first series of Love/Hate is being repeated on RTÉ Two on Friday nights at 9pm.