Beauty and a Beat singer Justin Bieber wants to marry young and have a marriage like his grandparents'.

Speaking to Us Weekly's Justin Bieber bookazine, he said: ''I want to get married and start a family [while I'm still young]. My grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale, are my relationship role models."

He continued: "They love each other so much, after so many years! When I'm their age, I want to be as in love with my wife as my grandfather is with his.''

Bieber also said that he remains friends with his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

''As long as people are kind to each other during a breakup, there is no reason they can't be friends. A lot of people give me relationship advice," he said.

''The best advice I've been given is to be patient and listen. I'm still growing. I'm trying to be a better person every day.''