This solo debut from former Blink front man Dermot Lambert juggles happiness and contentment with doubt and regret. It ranges from the cutesy (on Dear Mr Lambert – Me & Dr Who a child’s voice reads out a genuine rejection letter sent to Lambert from the BBC in 1975), to moments of raw introspection. A Bank in Brazil sees youthful misadventures becoming lessons for the harsh and unromantic realities of adult life and when Lambert pays tribute to his late father on the beatific Hey Sean, he does so in a fumbling voice, barely able to express what he really feels – a very Irish condition indeed. Love Rainbows and As If God Was Talking have a gorgeous lightness of touch and Lambert’s faltering, half-falsetto captures the insecurities of life with real feeling but it’s not just the heart that rules here – just like any true fan of Doctor Who, it's the infinite universe of the imagination that is his real playground. With the sorely missed Blink he revelled in a giddy surrealism, a place where carrot cake was nibbled in the afternoon and songs about cellos became wracked techno overloads; on this solo album, hard-won wisdom and age has given Lambert a twinkling semi-contentment. These songs are simple, tender and very real. Tiny has a big, big heart and tunes to spare. ***

Alan Corr

Dermot Lambert launches Tiny this Friday, June 28th in The Village, Dublin and plays The Green Room, Letterkenny on June 14th, Electric Picnic, Stradbally Hall, Laois, August 31st.