Emmerdale star Sammy Winward has said that her character Katie Macey could reunite with Andy Sugden.

The 27-year-old actress, who is soon to become single on the popular soap following a nasty break up with husband Declan, hinted that there may be more romance on the cards with Andy.

Speaking to Take It Easy magazine, Sammy said: "There isn't anyone, she's been out with them all! All the ones left are not very nice men.

"Maybe a little bit of time on her own would be quite good. She goes from one man to the next. She moves back in with Andy pretty much straight after, so who knows. She always ends up going back there."

When asked if Katie rushed into marrying Declan, she further pitched in: "I wouldn't say she was naive, he covered it up so well which is why it annoys her so much.

"But she's quite savvy - because she has been married for less than a year, she knows she won't get half his money. And I think she is wondering if she can maybe keep the marriage going for a bit longer.

"I would tell her to just get as far away as possible really."