It has been announced that actor Tom Hardy is set to front a wildlife documentary series for ITV.

Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy is a two-parter which will look at the wholesale wildlife poaching crisis in Africa.

The show is being co produced by Burning Bright Productions and the actor’s Hardy, Son & Baker company.

ITV announced that the actor himself came up with the concept for the series which will examine how elephant and rhino slaughter are bringing both species to the brink of extinction in Africa.

The actor has travelled to the continent and met people who are fighting back against the poachers.

ITV Controller of Factual Jo Clinton-Davis said "The story of the impact of wildlife poaching in Africa is one that is important to tell now more than ever.

"Tom Hardy's palpable concern and commitment to shedding light on what is happening and what the answers might be allow him to bring this reality home in a way that we believe will resonate powerfully with our audience."

"Tom's goal is to bring the senseless slaughter of endangered wildlife in Africa to the attention of the masses," added Dean Baker of production company Hardy, Son and Baker.

"This documentary is the first step of that process. We both hope it finds an engaged, empathetic audience who can be motivated to action."