This week on the cobbles, Tina and Gail fail to keep their secret, while Rob and Tracy strike back at Carla.

Struggling to come to terms with his guilt, Gary’s paranoia seems to be causing most of the problems in his relationship as he runs around the Street begging Tommy to keep quiet. But when Tina berates him in the scrapyard for arousing suspicion with Rita, a shock visit from Ryan puts them both on pins. With Ryan unsure of what he heard, he becomes yet another person who’s now been put in a tricky predicament.

Elsewhere, with Gary on edge and Tina worried whether the baby she’s carrying will have a family to go to, the situation looks set to blow. When Ryan can no longer keep his sketchy knowledge to himself he alerts Katy to the situation, who finds it hard to keep it to herself. Will Katy find it in her to protect her older sister from the same heartbreak that she’s caused Chesney?

Meanwhile, Peter and Rob have never made a secret of the fact that they have their differences, but lately they’ve been battling it out in the bookies like a couple of fishwives. Adding fuel to the fire, a feisty Tracy lures Rob into the back of the bookies leaving a fuming Peter to complain to Carla. But when Carla orders Rob back to the factory to work for her, Tracy’s there once again with her wooden spoon and is more than ready to give the whole scenario a good stirring...

Later in the week, still feeling badly done by, Chesney’s keen to shed his nice-guy image. Heading off on a date with Sinead, Beth’s niece, Chesney begins to act aloof and distant with her. Is this all part of his new look, or is he merely struggling to bury thoughts of Katy?

Also, while Dev struggles to get to grips with his role as a single parent, Karl tries to bury his head in the sand and strives to make sure everything is perfect for Stella.