The line-up for Saturday’s Eurovision final is now complete, with ten more countries securing their place after tonight’s semi-final.

Hungary, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Armenia, Finland, Malta and Greece progressed.

Continuing on the campaign trail, Ireland Ryan Dolan yesterday (May15) performed on the Super Charged Euro Village Stage. According to our source in Malmo loads of fans turned out to cheer Ryan on – one of them had even gave him some handmade sweets.

Afterwards Ryan did an interview with Johnny Logan via Skype. Speaking about Ryan’s performance on Tuesday Johnny said: "It looked fantastic and really polished."

When asked if he had any advice for Ryan, Johnny said: "Man, I probably shouldn't do it so publicly but I have a bit of advice for you - don't do too many interviews - rest your voice. I've been there. You don't realise how tiring it can be...ignore me at your peril!"

Johnny also added: "I'm sorry I can't be there on Saturday, I have a prior commitment, I do wish you the best though."

Scroll down to see some more pics from Ryan's Malmo adventure.