Ahead of his gig at Dublin's Academy on Saturday night, UK folk/punk singer Frank Turner has said that he will "make" even shy members of the audience get involved in his show.

Turner, who has just released his new album Tape Deck Heart, told RTÉ TEN: "What I want my live shows to be like is participation events; they're not spectator events. If you're coming down I'm going to make you get involved.

"You're going to sing, you're going to dance, you're going to jump up and down! Everybody's involved. It's a celebration more than a gig. So, come down, get involved."

A regular visitor to Dublin as a solo performer since 2006, Turner said of the city: "Dublin's just great for shows. People are just up for a laugh. I feel as well – and I'm pleased to be able to say this in most parts of the world – that I've earned my stripes as well.

"You know, playing shows back at the Lower Deck and The Iveagh for a few years and now I did those shows with The Dropkick Murphys in Vicar Street [in January] and here we are back at The Academy.

"It feels like we've – we being me and my band [The Sleeping Souls] – have worked our way up the ladder. Tomorrow night I have actually been roped into DJing at the Propaganda club at the venue after the show."

"I have yet to play a show in Ireland that doesn't end in a shocking hangover the next day," he sighed before heading off to think about his setlist.