J.J. Abrams says that he was never a Trekkie because he wasn't "smart" or "sophisticated" enough to love the show as much as his friends. However, he's now a huge fan of the enduring sci-fi adventure.

To fans' near outrage, Abrams admitted he was a a non-Trekkie before his first Star Trek film was released in 2009. Speaking to The Guardian, the 46-year-old director said he understood why die-hards were concerned when he landed the directing job on the new movies.

"Here's the thing: it definitely put some fans off, and annoyed them. I think they think it's me saying, 'I'm better than you.' But I'm not saying that at all. I am saying that I do not think I was as smart and sophisticated as my friends who loved the show.

"So I didn't get it, it doesn't mean I'm judging anyone. I have come to love it working on it, but it would be disingenuous of me to say I was a Trek fan. I would rather be honest, and hopefully those fans who see what we've done will say: 'I'm glad the movies have been made and, if anyone cares at all, he's come to love the thing I loved for so long. Better late than never.'

Abrams has been tight-lipped about his plans for the upcoming Star Wars rebirth but he did tell The Guardian that turning down the offer to direct and produce was not an option.

"I was so busy working on Into Darkness it was easy to say it was not possible. But the reality of it began to sink in, and when I met with Kathy Kennedy [Lucasfilm president and Star Wars executive producer], my gut said this is not something to reject. I can't say it was a rational thing: it will turn out to be an incredibly smart or an incredibly foolish decision."

Abrams has already signed up for another Star Trek movie and his latest show, Person of Interest, is currently being shown on RTÉ Two on Monday nights.

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