With filming of the new series of Love/Hate due to wrap this Friday, star Tom Vaughan-Lawlor has been discussing his character Nidge's journey on the hit RTÉ drama.

In an interview with Miriam O'Callaghan on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning, Vaughan-Lawlor was asked whether he liked or disliked Nidge.

"It's a very good question. He's undeniably charismatic, but it's hard to judge as an actor," he said. "The minute you start making that kind of an analysis of a character, I think you're kind of lost.

"I think all you can do is identify his wants and his desires and his needs and play those as truly and as honestly as you can. But if you start stepping outside and making judgements, I think you're dead. So, yes and no is the short answer."

Vaughan-Lawlor continued: "A lot of people in the media have been obsessed with trying to pigeon-hole the character into being one specific person from the real world. But he's a mishmash of a load of different inspirations and real people and imagined people and fantasy people. He's a complex man.

"He's seductive because he's always changing, and that's why he's a brilliant character to play, because the minute you think he's one thing he changes and does something else. The minute you think he's growing a conscience he undercuts it and negates it with something really chilling. Or, alternately, he can do something very cold and then also be very tender.

"And that's why he's an amazing character to play: you're playing all these tones, all these colours, all these different notes. And, y'know, he doesn't know who he is, and that's part of his journey, I think."

Listen to the full interview here.

Vaughan-Lawlor returns to the Dublin stage next month in a new production of Howie the Rookie, the play which was written by Intermission director. The new production will be directed by O'Rowe.

Described as "a white-knuckle ride - a wild, urban odyssey through a nightmare landscape, hilarious and grotesque by turns", Howie the Rookie was rapturously received when it premiered in 1999.

The new Landmark production opens at the Project Arts Centre on Monday June 17th with previews from June 13th to 16th.

Tickets are available from the Project Arts Centre box office on: (01) 881 9613 or online from: www.projectartscentre.ie.