Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield has been cast in Martin Scorsese's latest film Silence.

The actor will take a role in the director's adaptation of the Shusaku Endo novel, which he has been trying to bring to the big screen for decades. Variety reports that Scorsese has finally received the necessary financing from Emmett/Furla Films.

The story centres on two 17th-century Jesuit priests who travel to Japan to investigate claims of religious persecution.

Garfield will play the part of the Portuguese Jesuit priest Father Rodrigues, a role which formerly had been attached to Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio Del Toro, and Gael Garcia Bernal in former plans for the project.

Inception star Ken Watanabe has also joined the cast of Silence as the priests’ interpreter.

The screenplay has been written by Scorsese and Jay Cocks.

Silence is expected to being production in Taiwan in July 2014.