Quartet star Sheridan Smith has said that the prospect of a career in Hollywood "doesn't appeal" to her.

The 31-year-old star explained that she would miss home far too much.

Speaking to Saturday magazine (via Now magazine), Sheridan said: "A lot of people try it after being in a big show, like Downton [Abbey].

"That's better, rather than going over to queue for a pilot show. Also everyone's so glam and gorgeous. I'm happy here. It just doesn't appeal. I think I'd hate being away."

Sheridan further revealed that her schedule is "a bit crazy" at the minute, adding: "Recently I had to have a spray tan for one job I was working on in Lancaster, then I shot the scenes, got on a train back to London, and had to scrub all the tan off for another job I had the next morning.

"I was almost bleeding by the time I'd rubbed it all off. But I like to work. It keeps me out of trouble."

Smith can next be seen in BBC drama The 7:39 alongside Broadchurch's Olivia Colman.