Samantha Mumba has reportedly signed a $1 million deal to star in a Hollywood musical.

The Irish actress and singer is said to have landed a part in a new production that is said to be on the scale of Les Misérables, with contracts and roles already signed.

A source told The Daily Mail: "She was absolutely thrilled that she had landed a lead role in a big-budget Hollywood musical.

"She had been sworn to secrecy over what the film was, but said it was going to be as big-budget as Les Miserables."

"After the success of Les Mis at the box office Hollywood producers have been keen to follow it up and plans for the next big musical production are set to include Samantha."

The source added: "She has got the role and has signed contracts but has been told she has to wait for the film company to make the official announcement.

"Filming will start later this year for the multi million dollar film."

Mumba is best know for her role in 2002's The Time Machine.