Ian Paisley Jnr is a guest on The God Slot while the other emerald island, Montserrat, comes under the spotlight on The Lyric Feature.

Ten Picks for Today Friday May 3 on RTÉ radio

The God Slot, RTÉ Radio 1

Eileen Dunne's special guest is the DUP member and MP for North Antrim, Ian Paisley Jr, son of the Rev. Ian Paisley. No stranger to controversy himself, Ian Jr. talks about his life and religious beliefs, including what it was like being the child of the towering figure that is his father.

The Lyric Feature: The Other Emerald Isle, 7.00pm, RTÉ lyric fm

J.J. O'Shea takes a look at the unique historical connections between Ireland and the Caribbean Island of Montserrat (pictured below) which is the only country, other than Ireland, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a national holiday. O'Shea explores the cultural life of the island with a particular focus on the vibrant local music and the important role played by calypso. The impact of the volcanic eruptions in the 90s and the future prospects for the island are also considered. Music includes examples of the indigenous String Band and Drum and Fife styles. Contributors include poet and historian Sir Howard Fergus, broadcaster Rose Willock and Calypsonian Herman "Cupid" Francis.