Coronation Street fans have been told that tensions between two couples will develop into one of the big storylines of the summer.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Digital Spy reports that in an interview on ITV's This Morning, actor Marc Baylis, who plays Rob, talked about how things will go from bad to worse as his character works alongside sister Carla (Alison King) and partner Peter (Chris Gascoyne) in the bookies.

"You'll see over the summer, this is just the beginning of it more than anything else," said Baylis.

He continued: "This is the whole precipice that's being set up at the moment. It does erupt in the bookies. It's really nice at the moment with Rob being in there. The reason why he's there is because of Carla. We're working closely-knit as siblings for the first time in a while, which has been really nice.

"But it is that rivalry and the fact that Rob doesn't think Peter is good enough for Carla. That's what's underneath it all, and it gets a bit dirty.

"They're trying to get the right pecking order. Rob's with Tracy (Kate Ford) now and she's coercing him and whispering in his ear.

"This is basically what's going to be happening all over the summer. The rivalry takes hold more than anything else. Basically Rob and Tracy want to be Peter and Carla. They want to be successful.

"It's the ambition and the drive that creates that pride that makes the arguments happen - and Rob, I think stupidly, tries to stitch his sister up."