Irish author Roddy Doyle's renowned novel The Commitments is being made into a musical.

The bestselling novel about a group of aspiring musicians, which became a hit film in 1991, will finally make it onto the stage, 25 years after it was written by the Booker Prize Winner.

Speaking at a press launch yesterday, the 54-year-old said: "So I kind of ignored it for years and then as my children got older and I began to bring them to the occasional musical ... I began to enjoy a lot of it."

The writer said that he was inspired by a number of other musicals to write it: "Jersey Boys I found very inspiring because I loved the way the music actually drove the story, it wasn't just story followed by a song followed by story.

"I don't know why, but I find that funny and I find it satisfying that the book is still alive and that the story is still alive all these years later".

Doyle denied reports that he is working on a sequel The Commitments however his original character Jimmy is making a comeback in new novel The Guts.

He said: "What is true is that I have a new novel coming out in August and Jimmy Rabbitte, the manager of The Commitments, is the central character, but he's a 48-year-old man and he's not re-forming The Commitments or anything like that at all."