The UK's Eurovision hopeful Bonnie Tyler has said she has been told that if her song Believe in Me does not win the contest next month it will be because it is "too good".

The Press Association reports that Tyler said: "It has been said to me over the last couple of weeks, 'You're not going to win this Bonnie, your song's too good'.

"Eurovision - you can't guarantee that it's all about the song, but I'm going to give it my best shot and I think we've got a good chance of having a good score at least... I hope."

Watch the Believe in Me video here.

As for her performance in Malmo, Sweden on the night, Tyler said: "I'm not going dramatic, I'm going Bonnie Tyler. I'm not having backing dancers on the stage. I've got musicians and backing vocalists on the stage.

"My outfit will be much like I wear normally, I think. Probably something a bit off the shoulder, with sleeves. Not too low cut and maybe some sort of flowing bottom over skinny trousers or something."