EastEnders star Jake Wood has said he is staying with the soap "for the foreseeable future".

Digital Spy reports that in an interview with ITV's This Morning on Friday, Wood, who plays Max Branning, said: "He's a fantastic character. I've been there seven years and I love Max Branning. He's such a well-rounded character. He's great fun to play.

"I think there's lots of different sides to Max. I think that's hopefully why audiences have warmed to him. He can be a good family man when he wants to be - fleetingly!"

When asked if he received abuse from members of the public over Max's behaviour, Wood replied: "No, I've always been very positively received. I'm thankful for that. I think if you were in the show and people were giving you stick every day, that would be unpleasant. Thankfully people have really warmed to Max Branning.

"It's seven years now and I've just signed another contract. I'm there for the foreseeable future."