It's not like he isn't already adored across the globe but now Mad Men's Jon Hamm has increased his lovability factor by joining Elmo on Sesame Street.

Watch the clip here

The now-bearded actor dropped into the Sesame Street studio to hang out with Elmo but his fluffy buddy was busy creating a piece of art, leaving it to Hamm to explain the word of the day - "sculpture".

While Elmo busied himself sculpting his own masterpiece, 42-year-old Hamm, who plays taciturn advertising kingpin Don Draper in Mad Men, ran around looking for examples which best describe the word.

He chose three examples, one of clay, one of marble, and one of steel, each one heavier than the last so by the end he blurted out: "Can we please show your sculpture now, Elmo, please before I get a hernia?"

Finally Elmo revealed a wonderful self-sculpted portrait, leaving both he and Hamm smiling . . . beautifully.