War Horse and Thor actor Tom Hiddleston has been cast in Capa, one of two biopics currently being made about communist photographer, Robert Capa

The English actor will play the exiled photographer alongside Gemma Arterton as his partner Gerda Taro in the new film.

The Jewish communist couple were formerly Endre Friedmann and Gerta Pohorylle, before they changed their names when they went to cover the Spanish Civil War.

The biopic will be directed by Paul Andrew Williams, who previously worked with Arterton on Song for Marion.

Hiddleston told Shortlist: "I look at [Capa's] life and see it in heroic terms.

"A Hungarian kicked out of Hungary for writing against fascism, he moved to Germany where he was kicked out for being Jewish, then he moved to France and from there began a life-long commitment to make a stand against forces of fascism."

Michael Mann is also working on a Capa biopic titled Waiting For Robert Capa.