Hollyoaks villain Clare is set to terrorise young Tom Cunningham in upcoming scenes in the Chester soap.

Gemma Bissix, who plays returning villain Clare, spoke to Telly Spy about scenes that are set to air this week. Bissix explains that she gets a tip off from Dr. Browning that Tom has the bag with £200,000 cash in it.

"When she realises it's Tom Cunningham (who has the money), she actually has a smile on her face," Bissix explains.

"She knows she can deal with Tom as he is no threat to her at all. She is definitely going to get her money, she goes round there to terrorise him basically."

"I think she is capable of anything," Bissix explains, adding that viewers find her so intimidating and scary because they don't know what she's actually capable of.

"With Tom there are no consequences, she just wants what she wants to get. When Tom is quivering and scared, she says, 'You remember what I did to your brother and you remember how evil I was'. It's a power gain," she added.

"I think viewers will be quite scared. Clare is so unpredictable, but still predictable in a way that she's not going to go away empty-handed, so I think the viewers will be a mixture of being excited, but also very very scared for Tom."