There will be drama in store for Emmerdale’s Moira next week in the Dales. Warning! Spoiler Alert!

The character played by Natalie J Robb has only just adjusted to the news that she is expecting a baby with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) when she suffers a miscarriage.

After fearing telling him the news of the pregnancy she finally opens up and is shocked that is keen on the idea of becoming a dad again. After some drama the pair decide they are happy with the news but then tragedy strikes.

Digital Spy reports that Moira heads out to the woods with Chas to help find Cameron’s missing sons, Dylan and Harry. Moira doubles over in pain and is rushed to the hospital but by the time Cain arrives she has lost their baby.

The loss causes friction in the relationship and when it emerges that Cain’s daughter Debbie had Cameron’s boys with her all along he blames her for causing Moira stress.