Coronation Street actress Paula Lane has opened up about her upcoming pregnancy plot which involves her on-screen husband and brother-in-law.

Lane, who plays Kylie on the soap, is set to have a baby but is unsure whether the father is her husband David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) or his brother Nick Tilsly (Ben Price), who she had an affair with late last year.

"We have said, me and Jack, we think Corrie will be very brave if they chose Nick as the father," Lane said in an interview with PA.

"There's a lot more to lose. A lot more relationships will be severed".

Viewers watched Kylie and Nick embark upon a one night stand after Nick's was jilted at the alter by Leanne (Jane Danson). After arguing whether to keep the baby, Kylie decided to go through with the pregnancy in the hopes that David may be the real father.

"There was never a love story there. There's never going to be an affair. They do have a lovely relationship, Kylie and Nick, but she absolutely loves David" Lane explained.

"They're Bonnie and Clyde, they are in her mind going to be together forever. So the fact that he might finish the relationship is going to be devastating for her. Kylie and David relationship is going to go crazy."