They may not have released any actual music yet but X Factor rejects Union-J have signed a book deal.

The boyband who came fourth in last year's karaoke contest will have their "rise to fame" charted in a series of memoirs to be released later this year.

The four lads are set to embark on a long game of catch up with One Direction when they release their first single in June but Penguin and Michael Joseph publishers reckon they're way ahead of mere pop charts with the book deal.

The lads have already been sharpening their crayons with this statement welcoming the new deal: “We are very excited to be working with Penguin on our first book and are looking forward to the chance to tell our stories, of how we came together and where we came from, as well as the journey we've taken since X Factor.”

As well as these memoirs from the band (who have an average age of 21), Union J have also secured a deal to release a series of children's books annually to be published by Puffin.