Be afraid, be very afraid - Korean novelty act Psy has announced the follow up to his freak smash hit Gangham Style but he's already had to change the original title.

His new single will be called Gentleman after it was renamed from "Assarabia" because it was thought that the word mightn't go down well in the all-imporant Arab market.

"The new song is extremely fun," 35-year-old Psy told a Korean television station. "I can't tell you about the dance but all Koreans know this dance - but [those in] other countries haven't seen it".

Gentleman will debut on April 12, with Psy performing it live for the first time a day later. Rumours that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has already learnt the dance are unfounded.

In another sign of The End Times, Psy's Gangnam Style remains YouTube's most watched video with 1.49 billion views.