Following the recent fire, it is reported that Coronation Street's The Rovers Return may have a new co-owner in the coming months.

Warning: spoiler alert!

The Daily Star reports that landlady Stella (Michelle Collins) faces selling a 50% share in the pub in order to meet the rebuilding costs.

The paper says she turns to builder Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) for help.

He tells her: "Let me get this right, are you saying to me that if I cancel your debt and finish the repairs you'll give me half of the Rovers?

"I've already got a business. How do I pay for all the materials and the lads?"

Stella replies: "It's the only solution I can think of."

Recent reports have suggested that Michelle (Kym Lomas) will become the new landlady of the pub when it reopens.

A show source said: "Stella has got her back against the wall.

"Owen is offered the deal first but if Michelle is set to be the new landlady then maybe Stella goes into business with her instead.

"Only time will tell."