He's set to fill the shoes of James Franco, portraying the character of Harry Osborn in the new Spiderman film, and Dane DeHaan is feeling the physical pressure.

Talking to Vulture recently, the Chronicle actor opened up about having to change his training regime and diet to feel comfortable stepping into the role.

DeHaan discussed the highly-coveted role with Vulture, revealing that he is bulking up to play Osborn.

"I've actually gained, like, ten pounds! I look a million times better with my shirt off than I did two months ago," the actor explained.

"It's about having the stamina and the strength to do a movie like that. It's the longest shoot I'll be doing, and I just want to be ready to do it."

DeHaan added that he is now much more comfortable to go in to the role after seeing a physical change. I'm pretty much ready to shoot. I'm totally good to go. I feel like I'm ready to be Harry Osborn".

Though, he commented further: "It's not about becoming super bulky. It's about becoming fit. Harry Osborn, he's a trust-fund baby. He probably has personal trainers. He probably has someone making his food".

"He's going to look like he works out, so I have to look like I work out - but I don't have to look like Christian Bale as Batman. It's not that extreme. I just look a lot better naked," the actor concluded.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due for release in April 2014.