One of the stars of EastEnders has been discussing next week's episode where their character receives unexpected baby news.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) tells Max (Jake Wood) that she is expecting his child.

Actor Wood told Inside Soap: "Max is deeply shocked when Kirsty blurts out that she's pregnant and his initial reaction is one of disbelief.

"Max can be a very good husband when he needs to be. He's an old-fashioned man and he'll stick up for those he loves. That's something Kirsty's never had in a relationship and it means a lot to her. However, a baby is not something that Max would wish for at this moment in time."

Wood added: "Max is a good dad and he loves his kids, but having a baby with Kirsty is not something he wants right now. This could ruin any chance for him to get back with Tanya (Jo Joyner)!"

The scenes will air on BBC One and RTÉ One on Friday April 5.