With director Danny Boyle's twist-filled thriller Trance opening in Irish cinemas tomorrow, Wednesday March 27, star James McAvoy has told RTÉ TEN that viewers should go to the movie without having watched the trailer in order to maximise the surprise.

During the course of RTÉ TEN's interview with McAvoy, the actor discussed the modern malaise of viewers wanting to know everything about a film before they arrive at the cinema, and that Trance is a great reminder that the best movie experiences are often when you take your seat knowing very little.

McAvoy said: "I was one of the lucky people that saw Black Swan thinking that it was just a movie about ballet dancing. And what an amazing surprise and treat to go, 'Oh right, so it's about ballet dancing; oh right, it's also about a messed-up ballet dancer; oh right, it's about a mental case ballet dancer; oh my God it's about an absolute nut job!'

You can watch RTÉ TEN's interview with McAvoy by clicking the link on your left (warning: contains clips from movie!).

"And so, movies like that do need to be protected, because you will have such a good time in the theatre if you don't do anything else but look at this [Trance] poster and go, 'Danny Boyle. This poster. That's enough'. Because, y'know, Danny Boyle doesn't get it wrong. He doesn't disappoint; he doesn't make bad movies and he doesn't make movies that are anything less than... individual, singular, bold, brave, challenging that leave you going, 'Woah, woah, woah!'

"So that's enough. Don't even look at the trailer! I shouldn't say that; I'll get into trouble! Don't do any of that stuff: just go and see the film because Danny will deliver."