Emmerdale star Dominic Power has hinted that his character Cameron Murray will kill again.

The 39-year-old soap star was involved in a murder storyline as part of the show's 40th anniversary live plot, which saw him kill off Carl King and mechanic Alex Moss.

Speaking on Daybreak, Power hinted that he could be responsible for more deaths in the future, saying: "What I've been told I can tell you is that I probably will murder again. What I can also tell you is that if anyone's asking for it right now, it's Robbie!"

When asked if his character will ever get his just desert, he replied: "At some point, yeah, no doubt."

Power further explained that he was delighted to show a different side to his character, adding: "Sometimes I read the scripts and I think, 'Cameron - we need to talk, mate! This is getting a bit too much!'

"It's brilliant, and the best thing about Cameron is that he started off as quite an everyman, a nice guy, a family guy - he was okay. And through the situations, he's turned into this horrible villain! So he's complicated and it's nice, because it's not just black and white simple."

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