There are rumours doing the rounds that Matt Smith is planning to leave Doctor Who at the end of this 2013. According to newspaper reports Smith is said to be interested in taking a break from TV to further his film career.

The actor, who began his stint as the eleventh Doctor in 2010, added fuel to the fire when he told Jonathan Ross recently that he takes the job year-by-year. He said: "It's one of those jobs that you have to take year by year, it's ten months a year, it's all-consuming.

"So I don't think you can plan five or six years ahead, or even two years ahead.

"It's a year by year thing, and at the moment it's 2013 and we'll see what 2014 holds."

In response to the reports that the Doctor’s departure will happen at the end of this year the BBC said: "Sorry folks, but even we don't know what's going to happen at Christmas. It's not been written yet!

"But Matt loves the show and is to start filming the unmissable 50th anniversary episode and the new series starting on Easter Saturday."