Today show presenter Norah Casey will launch a new six-part TV show tonight on RTÉ which is a brand new business makeover programme called The Takeover.

The aim of the show is to help companies find the competitive edge needed to keep their companies profitable and media mogul, Casey is on hand to help.

Under her watch, the staff will take over various companies for ten days to see if they really can do a better job than the boss. A pilot for the show was aired last year as part of RTÉ's Format Farm with the staff of Tea Time Express in Dublin getting to prove their mettle.

Speaking about the new show, Casey said: “This series is just right for Ireland at this time.

"Businesses that have survived the recession should be ready to take off when the economy improves but sometimes good ideas and a clear direction are hard to find when times have been tough.

"The staff who participate in The Takeover are inspirational but few of them complete the challenge of being the boss without a few blunders along the way.

"It makes for compelling viewing as the staff and the boss embark on a personal journey over a two week period – it has laugh out loud moments but with a serious twist.

"At the end of the day the changes they implement could put the business on a path to success and a more solid foundation for the future – which is in all their interests.’

The Takeover is on RTÉ Two tonight, Thursday March 21, at 9.30pm.