Neil Delamere will be the guest host on The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1 from Tuesday to Friday (9:00am-10:00am) this week, and has been telling RTÉ TEN what listeners can expect.

"The show is great fun to do because it's so eclectic," said the comic and broadcaster. "One day I could be talking to an anthropologist and the next day it could be one of the Coronas. Not only does that not happen on other shows, but if it did you wouldn't have the same time to spend chatting to them."

Asked about this week's guests, Delamere replied: "We'll be chatting to a storyteller who will fill us in on the burgeoning tale-spinning scene in Ireland.

"Stories have always fascinated me: simply put, they're the oldest form of entertainment. I've seen many a comedian handle them wonderfully deftly, so I'm delighted to get a chance to explore the area further. I want to see how much crossover there is between straight yarn-spinning and stand up.

"On a more mundane level, I really want to know the rules! Who is allowed to tell what story? Is a person censured for telling someone else's story? What's the process for inventing or even embellishing a story?"

Delamere continued: "I also can't wait to probe the mind of a clinical psychologist about "pseudo facts" - facts that we accept as being real because there seems to be an air of scientific proof, but prove to be false when you investigate further.

"We all like to think of ourselves as rational creatures but misinformation and myth seem to invade our thoughts with relative ease.

"If the brilliant BBC show QI has taught me anything, it is that everything I thought I knew is incorrect. I'm looking forward to an expert telling me I'm wrong on even more things."

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