Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has said that he has no regrets about his involvement in the fantasy film franchise.

The 23-year-old star insists that he is "incredibly proud" of his role and association with the boy wizard.

Speaking to Yahoo! News, Radcliffe said that he felt like the press expected his role as Harry Potter to limit his career.

"I feel like everyone wanted Potter to be more of a handcuff than it actually was," he said.

"I think [the phenomenon] is going to be around for a while - a long while - but as long as it doesn't inhibit me getting parts in the present time, then it's fine.

"It's a lovely association to have, because it's something I'm incredibly proud of."

Radcliffe said that the fantasy film franchise was a huge part of his life.

"People always say, 'Don't you just want to forget about it?'" he said, before adding: "No [I don't]! That was my entire adolescence."