Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks suffered severe bruising after falling down her stairs.

It wasn’t only her body that was injured when she fell down the stairs, but her pride and fashion sense took a battering too as the 37-year-old actress admits she was wearing a onsie when she tripped.

She said: ''I was walking down the stairs in pyjamas and I slipped. I bounced down and had bruises from my bum down to my ankle. It was really painful and unattractive.''

While Hendriks is a fan of comfort when she's at home, she admitted to recently splashing out on an extravagant Alexander McQueen cape.

She said: ''I treated myself to an Alexander McQueen cape recently. I went into the shop intending to court a pair of pants but I walked out with something way more extravagant. I wear it pretty much every day.''