Sylvester Stallone has taken to his Twitter page to say that he thinks The Expendables 3 “needs new blood and more humour”.

He wrote on his Twitter page, @TheSlyStallone: “Writing EX3 at the moment....there are going to be mountains of surprises. [sic]”

He later added: “EX3 needs NEW blood and more humour...The films were always meant to be more on the humorous side with moments of drama.”

He also added that Steven Seagal will not make an appearance: "No S. Seagal, sorry, but maybe we get lucky with J. Chan! And some young bloods!!!"

He later added: "By young I mean 22 to 27. Not big bruisers but tech wizard, super brains and a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny, tough, REAL. [sic]"