Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank thought she would ''live her dream'' when she slept in a car when trying to get her first job in Hollywood.

The 38-year-old star and her mother Judy Kay moved from Washington to Hollywood to help launch Hilary's acting career when she was 15, and though the pair struggled to live comfortably, the Million Dollar Baby actress says that she would never have made it without the support of her family.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Swank said: ''When I was 15, we took off together to Hollywood. I wanted to be an actress and she had faith in me to earn a living from it. That kind of faith is all I needed.

''We slept in the car. I didn't see it as anything bad or sad. I was about to live my dream. I'm sure my mom was freaked out.''

Hilary now admits that their "adventure" was crazy and that she and her mother are shocked by their own actions.

She added: ''It was crazy. When we talk about it now, we say, 'Can you believe we did that?' Looking back, it was an adventure. It was also scary.''