Justin Bieber has had a tough week following the backlash from his London’s O2 gig and an incident with a photographer, but One D’s Louis Tomlinson has spoken out in defence of the singer.

Many Beliebers expressed their annoyance following the 19-year-old’s concert in London’s O2 Arena on Monday when they were reportedly left waiting two hours for him to appear.

Then on Thursday the singer took ill on stage and was admitted to hospital with breathing problems.

Yesterday the Baby singer was filmed during an unpleasant incident with a photographer.

Offering Bieber support, Tomlinson took to his Twitter page and wrote: "Although I don't know him personally, I do wish the press would take it easy on @justinbieber.

"I really do empathise with him, I don't see anything out of character in comparison to any other teenagers I know."