Another day, another X Factor story, this time could Cheryl be heading back to the States? Click through if you want to find out!

The Cheryl Cole – US X Factor saga continues and yes we know it is two years since she was unceremoniously dumped off the talent show by music mogul Simon Cowell, believing Nicole Scherzinger would be a better option.

However, now that Britney Spears (who replaced Scherzinger in 2012), isn’t getting a call back for 2013, Cowell has an empty chair to fill, and it seems he wants Cole back by his side.

According to several reports, he is working on an offer that would be too good for Cole to refuse.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''This is a massive move from Simon. He's going right out there and saying that he made a mistake in sacking her.

''After she was shunted off the show, TV critics in the US said in reviews that she was the best thing about the programme - and it seems for once that Simon was wrong.

''Over the past two seasons, the US X Factor hasn't performed as Simon would have wanted - now it looks like Cheryl will be the saviour.''

They continued: ''It's going to be tough sell for Simon after the humiliation she originally suffered, but if he plays it right, it could happen and it would be a viewer's dream.

''Cheryl has been quite adamant that she doesn't want to head back to the UK version of the show after leaving so getting a slot on the US one would be perfect.''

It's reported the music mogul is planning a big multi-year deal to tempt the star back onto the show, but nothing is certain.

The source added: ''He's planning to put a massive contract on the table in the coming weeks, giving her the opportunity to return and prove him wrong once and for all.

''Obviously, there's no certainty that she will decide to go for it, but it appears to be the closest right now to Cheryl returning to the X Factor family.''