Noel Gallagher reckons that if David Bowie does a once-off gig for his new album The Next Day, it will be better than Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day concert .

David Bowie may have ruled out touring his new album, The Next Day, but there has been speculation he may do a once-off, live concert.

Gallagher thinks if the gig goes ahead it could be bigger that Led Zeppelin's legendary Celebration Day concert in 2007.

Gallagher said: ''He's saying he'll never tour, but he said he'll never make another...record.

"I met his manager and he was saying, 'Nah, he'll never make another record,' but knowing that he was actually making a record. So I wouldn't be surprised. It's David Bowie.

''If he announces he's doing one gig then it's going to be...bedlam. Better than Led Zep, he's got more tunes than them.''

Speaking to NME magazine Gallagher revealed he was surprised by Bowie's comeback - which came out of the blue in January, when he posted new track Where Are We Now online.

He said: ''I mean, what was he doing, writing it under his duvet at night when the missus had gone out?

"Apparently there were only 28 people in the know and they were all sworn to secrecy, like even the studio receptionist was given the day off.''

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