Oz the Great and Powerful star Rachel Weisz has said she has no regrets over taking a job on Terrence Malick's last movie even though her part was cut from the final edit.

The 43-year-old star filmed a part in 2012 drama To the Wonder opposite Ben Affleck, Rachel MCAdams and Javier Bardem, but her scenes were unused.

Weisz has now opened up about the decision, insisting that she was thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Malick.

Contact Music quotes the actress as saying: "I did it for the experience of working with him, but one never knows with Terrence Malick. You can shoot for three months and end up not being in the movie.

"That's what happened to my storyline. So I had the experience of filming with him, but I didn't get to see my work."