The director and the casting director of the upcoming West End stage version of Roddy Doyle's The Commitments are coming to Dublin to hold open auditions.

Olivier Award-winning director Jamie Lloyd and casting director David Grindrod will be at the Troubadour Rehearsal Studios, 157-159 Charthouse Business Centre, Richmond Road, Dublin 3 from 10am to 6pm (with registration ending at 12pm) on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 March.

The auditions are open to the public, as well as professional actors and singers, and the directors are looking for the following:

Male actor-musicians with voices between late teens and early 20s, who play one or more of the following: electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, saxophone

Male actor-musicians with voices in their 40s, who play the trumpet

Females in their late teens to early 20s, who can sing to at least a Top D

Those auditioning "are asked to prepare two soul songs of their choice to show vocal range, plus a small party piece that they can play on their chosen instrument. They are welcome to accompany themselves on guitar/piano – otherwise, they are asked to bring sheet music for the pianist. Trumpet or saxophone players will need to bring their own instruments. They must also bring a recent CV and a photograph/headshot."

The West End production of The Commitments, which Doyle has adapted from his novel, opens in the Autumn.

Those auditioning must be available for a one-year contract, starting in London from August.