Suddenly I See singer Kt Tunstall has split from her drummer husband after four years of marriage.

The 37-year-old singer separated from Luke Bullen "several months" ago and the couple plan to divorce, according to Tunstall's representative Dave Woolf.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Woolf said: "They are now going to proceed with a divorce. I don't know any more details."

The Other Side of the World singer previously claimed Bullen had helped her stay grounded despite the craziness of the music world.

She said: "I’m glad he’s there to keep me on the straight and narrow when we’re on the road. You can’t be a mess in front of the person you love.

"Being married has been brilliant. It’s been hugely liberating. You can waste a lot of energy wondering whether you’re with the right person. Once you get married, that disappears."