A desperate EastEnders character will go on the run in this week's episodes on BBC One and RTÉ One.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Lola (Danielle Harold) goes on the run with baby Lexi after she is double-crossed by Phil (Steve McFadden) during a court appearance to determine who will care for the child.

Harold told the Daily Star: "She is really angry because from the start she has trusted Phil.

"Even when everyone was saying, 'Don't trust him', she kept faith in him. But he has gone completely the other way and gone behind her back and done all this stuff.

"I think she is more devastated by the fact that he has done that to her.

"She keeps having people do stuff to her over and over again.

"It takes a lot for her to trust people and then it sinks in, 'Oh God, that is the baby gone again'.

"And she knows it gets harder every time she goes to court and they are like, 'Phil can have her'."

Harold added: "She doesn't plan to take Lexi.

"She just happens to look over and she's in a pram and it is just instinct that she takes her.

"She doesn't know what she's going to do."