Here's a little present from RTÉ Ten to you this Friday - an exclusive first-look at Josh Groban's new music video for Brave, the first single from his new album, All The Echoes. Enjoy!

Speaking to RTÉ Ten about Brave, the lead single from his sixth album, All That Echoes, Josh Groban said: “After making a very intimate, sombre record the last time round I wanted to make a song that was more uplifting.

“Sometimes you write songs that you say to yourself I want to hear this song every morning, this is the kind of thing I need to get me out of bed every morning and that was one of them.

All That Echoes was a joy to record from beginning to end. I think this record is still at the heart about love. I think it is about hopefully finding the positive in all the unknown and imperfect situations that we have in love in our lives.

"This record is energetic, it's dynamic, it was inspired by the live show. I think we wanted to make an album that we just knew we would have a great time touring.!"

During his recent stay in Ireland, which Josh described as "great craic", the multi-million selling singer propped himself up at the bar to enjoy a pint of the black stuff and joined in with a sing-song.

You might think this would be an easy thing for the award-winning singer to do considering he has sung with musical legends and at huge events like the Oscars and Olympics, but Josh admits he gets nervous singing by himself in front of a small group of people.

He explained: "I was in a pub the other night and they were saying ‘just one song, give us a little of She Move Through The Fair,’ and I was thinking ‘o my god there are some amazing singers here,’ and I was just too shy and nervous."

Josh will be returning to Ireland on June 23rd for a concert at the O2 and reckons it is much easier to sing in a bigger venue. "You can get yourself into a headspace and you are just in the zone."

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