Josh Duhamel has shared his excitement about becoming a dad with RTÉ TEN.

The actor, who was in Dublin to promote his latest film Safe Haven, announced last week that he and his wife Fergie are expecting their first child.

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He said of their news: "It’s what it’s about for me; it’s what we’ve wanted for a long time. You don't really understand it until you actually go through it; I never did until I was in there looking at the ultrasound going, ‘Oh my God, I made that!’ So it’s been exciting every step of the way."

The 40-year-old actor added that playing a father of two kids in Safe Haven helped him in the process of becoming a dad, saying: "I think anytime you can spend time with kids at whatever age you learn something from them and these kids were great. If my kids could turn out like them that would be ideal. So I learned a lot from them.

"My sister’s got twins so I learned from them; you really get a close up view of every stage from infant all the way through to three-years-old now."