Actor Mark Wahlberg says he was faced with two career choices when he was growing up in Boston - drugs or gangs.

In his new movie, Broken City, the 41-year-old actor plays a private investigator who becomes entangled in high-level political corruption centring on the re-development of a blue-collar housing project in New York.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, Wahlberg says the film's plot chimed with him because of his own working class background in Boston.

"It's funny because when I was talking to people about the movie they just assumed it would be about the New York they knew - this great, glamorous place, the Big Apple and Broadway," he says.

"It's the same with Boston. It's a big school town and everybody raves about going there and getting a great education. I grew up fifteen minutes from downtown and I was not getting a great education. I got an Eighth Grade education and I got forced into either getting involved with drugs or gangs.

"You're forced into being one of the guys with the peer pressure and everything else. But it's the same in every American city and cities across the world; you've got the good, the bad and the in-between."

Wahlberg also talks to RTÉ Ten about working with Russell Crowe in Broken City. Click on the link above to watch our interview.