A Weatherfield resident may be about to ruin their chances of happy ever after in Coronation Street.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Radio Times reports that jealousy gets the better of Eileen (Sue Cleaver) and she goes spying on boyfriend Paul (Tony Hirst).

However, her plan backfires when she is confronted by Paul and discovers that he had bought her an engagement ring.

Cleaver told Radio Times: "She realises just how stupid she has been. In trying to keep hold of him, she's now on the brink of losing him.

"She desperately tries to backtrack but he is really hurt by her accusations and walks out.

"Eileen really feels that she's blown it and she doesn't see how she can make him realise that she's sorry.

"She'd be delighted if he was to propose but she really feels that she's ruined any chance of that happening."